Southern Right Whale & calf

Was intrigued by reports of a rare Southern Right Whale and her calf being sighted off Auckland and my daughter and I were discussing it and thought that would be great to see so I followed the reports and worked out roughly what progress they were making and figured I could go and see them.

Drove north to Waiwera and stopped a couple of times and scanned with Binoculars parts of the coast but caught up with them of Wenderholm, when as I pulled into carpark spoke to a guy gushing - theres a huge whale close to the beach.

Rapid launching of Kayak and cautious approach then watched and marvelled for the rest of the afternoon as they lolled around and slowly moved up the coast.

Kept my respectful distance but the calf being a typical youngster did approach a couple of times as I sat quietly observing them, with Mums attentive presence .



Absolutely enthralling,  a privilege to share small portion of their maternal display and I had to do a bit of a quick sortie at one stage to intercept a noisy outboard tinny that came roaring over full tilt to make sure he didn't intrude on their reverie.


Here are some You tube links of the Whales I filmed-


Southern Right Whale Calf


snoozing whales


Then as a parting finale as they headed slowly off out towards Te Haupa(Saddle Is.) the Calf started a high spirited display like a frisky lamb and I had to rapidly grab the camera but missed the first most spectacular leaps as it broached almost clear of the surface -


Spectacular calf playing


Truly awe inspiring