Great Barrier Dreaming

Great Barrier dreaming-
First time I've been out there as I'm a tightwad and object to the exorbitant cost of taking a vehicle over, but off season I found the sailings though fewer and on the freight ferry were cheaper $85 me + $60 Kayak on trolley return so off I go to check it out.

The trip out on Tues -9th was dead calm and felt a bit of a cheat but the return last Wednesday -17th, after the Ferry had been cancelled a day was one of the roughest they have had according to crew and regulars,( 90 km/hr gusts -48 knots at least ) showed the true nature of Cape Barrier and the Colville channel -never to be taken lightly  .Basically wheeled the Yak off at Port Fitzroy and trundled off over the hill to Akapoua Camp (DOC Base ).
Met some of the locals who gave excellent advice and friendly as , plus a couple of young Spearos who ended up at the same camp .
They hadn't got much so I kindly offered to go get us all a feed and did so-

This took me prospecting to outside of Kaikoura Is. and I lost a huge Snap and had a great battle with it till the lefty loop succumbed. 
 Looking good so far but didn't realize Vodafone pretty useless out there, so couldn't contact mate who had been camped out there for a week already till he went to Claris and got my message then came on over.They camped over the other side so "see ya" to the only other two in the camp (Spearos) and hitch a lift to Harataonga after that day out paddling up to Miners Cove.Brilliant spot and great company with mate spearing a good 20lb Snap in front of his wife (first time she had seen him spear one).
Bragging rights to him, and a good feed .Next day off to Rakitu (Arid ) Island on a paddle and beautiful water with Kingy's and Snaps plus Pig fish( the red one) which fight real well and are tasty too 


Got around to the only landing cove on northern side and had lunch stop -


Great scenery and company -Wilson & I (Tom Hanks -Castaway movie )

Then on into rising northerly to complete circumnavigation of Is. and outlying bricks -some of these I see are reputed to hold Hapuka .
More of a scenic cruise but a feed bought back-



Camps have problems with rats( DOC cutbacks so ridiculous with magic tourism potential here ) so precautions required, but facilities all good for $10 a night. tenting.
Certainly a brilliant trip and like my mates had told me years ago , knowing how much I love Diving ,Kayaking and Fishing- 'You won't want to leave!"
True enough -