Adapting Sea Kayaks for Fishing

 Torres seakayak modifications-
My trusty Torres has proved to be a suitable Fishing platform after thinking all the stuff done on Sit on tops could be done in a Sea kayak -but better.  
Got her off Trade Me second hand with all accessories for $2400 .
Also have a similarly modified Sea Bear that I got for the Kids or whoever for $900 -then fixed it up(bit of a major!)
More recently bought an Albatross which though narrow and lower volume still good to fish from. 
 Started by modifying a standard Scotty adjustable Rod holder by shortening it to give paddling clearance and making up aluminium base plate with key way to fit on stainless coach head bolts in front deck compass recess. 
Was reluctant to cut too many holes in my pride and joy but as the success of fishing forays got hold decided more rod holders needed and one behind cockpit good for trolling or a second trailing softbait while using the active rod in front.
Ocean kayaks shallow recessed rod holder used as it is a marked improvement on the boat ones until now being used(shorter length of tube, ideal for softbait rod I use ) as the reel is off the deck & not being drowned by waves or beat to death banging on deck,plus it dosn't waste precious day hatch space :y: 
Price- $45, 51mm hole saw$27, as you only get 1 go @ kevlar,resin & mat to laminate $30 ,plus time & aggravation for awkward space-
The rod holder plug gone after first outing and not needed.
Had to laminate inside to strengthen deck area(No leaks either)
Mirror essential to see what youre doing inside small dayhatch and check glassing done by feel.
All good apart from difficulty hacksawing off excess wellnut threads,couple of  laminate layers of chopped strand and twill to strengthen ,spread load to bulkhead and deck .
Pays to roughen up substrate with rough file, Glass paper, for good keying in & wipe with acetone prior to lam, then wipe with meths as it gels off to seal.also gets rid of excess catalyst etc.  
Extra stiffening Carbon Kevlar laid up along bulkhead hull seam as it flex's and spreads load better.

Also have fitted her up for Pacific Action Sail previously had to put in beam under sail foot and strapping stays -
This also strengthens up the bow compartment as I have had stress on hull to deck join from Pearling at speed in surf and riding big waves 
Note the airbags in bow and stern compartments used when not using drybags(reserve bouyancy precaution)should be mandatory on all kayaks 
Pacific Action sail in deployed position .
The front Scotty rod holder slightly modifyed to optimum angle and clearance works well on stainless coach bolt heads in compass recess (compass also fits to these)Note plastic lugs to secure keyholes made from plumbing saddles with traces to lanyard.
Eyed up the new Starport system but the rod holder part no good ,too flimsy,shame as the rest of the concept great.
Free diving catch bag pressed into service as deck bag ideal for purpose.
 Don't take Pacific Action sail when fishing as too much clutterand don't need it.
Customizing extended to making the Torres seat bucket more user friendly for long duration seated and not actively paddling as required by fishing.
The original seat bucket too restricting (yup- muscly Gluteus maximus!) ) so as my old Sea Bear did not suffer this problem , set about modifying it .
Made it to the same shape as the closed cell foam one in my Perception Method Air stunt kayak as it is perfect for me.
Along with gel urethane pad on base to replace the original  worn out compressed Neoprene one.  
Urethane , self adhesive seat pad used for surfskis ,(brilliant).
So now I can comfortably sit in it all day touring or fishing and edge the kayak etc. without any circulation issues to my larger than the average Sea Kayakers thighs.
Also paid big dividends in foot transfer of paddle stroke power so absolutely brilliant improvement and emulated in my Albatross also later on.

Some of the expensive- ish bits of rod holders and kayak that I've cut out with a small cut off circular blade in my Dremel power tool are on the seat.
Cut up a cheap plastic bucket to tape in cut out for perfect circumference to laminate over for the recess cut outs to sides of seat hangers.
removed after laminating and then Gel Coating to finish, very Pro-fish-onal even if I do say so myself.

The pump is in a clip (lanyarded also) stowed in cockpit,away from stealing waves,paddlefloat(never used)is tucked behind seat back.
Have a shelf of bungy cord and tramp mat with velcro opening on underside of deck that tackle box sits on and stuff you don't want lost -in.

I also put the weight belt for dive missions in an old wetsuit sleeve and put under footrest so you can reach in and chuck ashore when landing to save lifting on spearfishing trips-needs to be secured by feet or strap if you get caught in surf!
Often better with weight belt pinned under thighs by seat for ease of stowing and better trim.

Penguin insulated bag with easy to open zip is the go (note fluoro tags to zip slides) with Frozen slicker pads and keeps bag and fish fresh and chilled even in height of long Summer days paddles.
The odd splash of Sea Water over the bag or a wet sack draped over it also adds evaporation cooling.
I have found "Techni Ice" (TM) slicker pads pre frozen , developed for exporting fish etc. absolutely brilliant for use .
Best bonus is they dont melt and drain away.  
These are great as they are flexible and most importantly stay chilled an awful long time at the same temperature as Salt Ice, so catch stays chilled .
Once back to vehicle I put catch into salt ice laden Chilly bin, so catch quality right up there.
Sewed up some webbing with fastex clips to thread thru points provided and around decklines.easy to unclip and load ,holds ice and contents well.Have a liner of old tarp to save spiking lining,and bigger fish can go on threader if any chance of dropping em.So a few boatbuilding skills being gained and a customised thorougbred kayak is converted to a sleek Hunting Gathering vessel that its forebears would be proud of 

Ps I've put in 60+ km days in this cruising just by paddling ,with favourable conditions the sailing rig takes you at good speed while resting so potential for big gains there :y:
 The load capacity is huge too(nearly 200 ltrs/ 40 gallon drum ) with 5.64 mtr hull and long waterline equates to effortless surfing on quartering or following seas which gets her up on the plane at times making for exhilarating ride-YEEHAAH Tsunami Rangers eat my wake :rock: :rock:Slick hull has good stability and glide-