A morning's paddle


Friday morning and I am off to meet up with my friend Lester to go out kayaking on Auckland harbour. I set off on my bike to the wharf for the 8.45 ferry.


At Devonport Ferry Terminal I discover there is no 8.45 ferry, so I wait for the 9 am ferry.


While I wait I am careful not to do any of these things.


Looking across from Devonport to Auckland city. 


When I get off the ferry I cycle round the harbour to Okahu Bay where Lester is waiting for me. We get a boat from the Auckland Canoe Club lock-up 
for me to use. Lester has a beautiful kayak of her own.



It is beautiful heading out on the water. There is lots going in the harbour. F
ishing boats and yachts and windsurfers are out. In the shipping lane there's ferries and huge container ships. Fish are jumping and birds wheeling and diving. In the distance are the islands of the Hauruki Gulf. There aren't any photos taken from the kayak, because I don't have a waterproof camera. We paddle out to the light house in the middle of the harbour, known as 'Bean Rock'

This photo was taken by someone else.


After we have been out to Bean Rock and then across to St Helliers point we turn back. While we are out a strong north east wind gets up.By the time we land at Kohimarama Beach it is blowing hard.



Undeterred we leave the kayaks on the beach and go to a posh cafe for morning coffee.


After coffee we go back to the beach and launch the kayaks.


On the way back it is hard paddling against the wind. Sometimes we don't seem to be making any progress. The sea is lumpy. Sometimes when you are sliding with the water you get a stroke in and go quite a long way. Other times you are paddling hard but when you look at the shore you aren't actually moving forward.

Nearly there!


Made it, at last...


We hose the boats, paddles, and life jackets to clean off the sea water and put them back in the canoe club lock-up. Lester and I agree we will go out kayaking again next week. Then I cycle back to the ferry.


I just make the 1.30 sailing back to Devonport.


Then I cycle back home. A great start to the summers paddling in New Zealand.