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Kiwi Association of Sea Kayakers Monthly e-newsletter - Aug 2016
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KASK e-newsletter - August 2016
In this month's KASK e-newsletter, we've got information about our annual event (Kayak Fest 2017), International Kayak Week 2017, and the latest about our kayakers from the Rio Olympics.

KASK Kayak Fest 2017 - Ponui Island

We are excited to announce that the registration for the Kayak Fest 2017, 25th annual KASK National Sea Kayaking Forum is 60% full. 

If you have not registered already, you can register here: Registrations 

The registration fee is $280. Register by 31 August to take advantage of the early bird fee of $250! More information here: FAQ

The event team have been working really hard putting together the program for KASK Kayak Fest 2017.
What we can promise you is:

  • You will be challenged, inspired, stimulated, and encouraged to try new things, harder things. You will not just participate but contribute. There will be opportunity to learn or re-learn from the best, to fine-tune and hone your skills, and try things not just once, but twice.
  • You will get wet! You’ll be on the water and in the water and ‘on your toes’ as you are introduced to different skills under the banner of white stuff, manoeuvres, rolling and rescues. And if you are already a pro at all that then try some of the alternatives on offer… or help out.
  • You will be surrounded by a bunch of folk like yourself – passionate about and addicted to sea kayaking, all fired up to learn, to share knowledge and skills, to help each other achieve.
  • You will be instructed by or sit at the table and converse with people who have paddled around the odd island or two (the Aleutians or Australia or perhaps Stewart?), camped in bear territory (polar, black, and brown), seal-launched with seals, sweated it out in Mexico or Tahiti…
  • You will have fun; come, make your boat dance and your heart sing.
There will be something for you!
Checkout the great topics & inspirational instructors confirmed so far:
Kayak Fest 2017 Program
The 2017 event will be unique, memorable with plenty of opportunities to paddle, share ideas and learn on and off the water.  KASK has never done an island destination before. Imagine landing with your kayak to be greeted by wild donkeys and sleeping in a tent while kiwis forage around you at night. 

International Kayak Week (IKW) 2017 - Great Barrier Island

International Kayak Week (IKW) is an informal week of paddling that follows the annual KASK event. Last year, it was held in the Bay Of Islands and it was a great success.  Everyone got to push their boundaries in some big swells and with stunning rock gardening, and we had some international and local instructors present.

Great Barrier Island is a great venue – some of the best paddling in the world of course exploring the coast north & south of Harataonga, plus all the delights of Rakitu Island just off shore, and the option of heading over to the west coast of the island. There are other non-kayaking options including surfing, caving, hiking, chilling on the beach, mountain biking the coastal trail…if the weather is bad or as a break from paddling.

If you are interesting in joining us ( Tuesday 7/03/2017 - Sunday 12/03/2017), check out the details here


Well done to our kayakers at the Rio Olympics

So proud of our kayakers who did so well at the Olympics during the last 11 days, and we have more yet to come:
Lisa Carrington for winning GOLD in Rio 2016 in K1 200m.
Luuka Jones for winning SILVER at the K1 Canoe Slalom.
Mike Dawson - finished 10th in the K1 Canoe Slalom.
Mike is the first male New Zealander to make an Olympic slalom final. Thank you to all KASK members who bought his Athlete Cookbook to help him raise the funds to make it to the Olympics. 

We are still hoping to have Mike talk to us about his journey at the next KASK Kayak Fest 2017 – Ponui Island on 3-5 Mar 2017, all being well.


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Happy paddling.

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Landing Development

The Auckland Unitary Plan was released 27th July 2016 and the Auckland Canoe Club is included. See attachment below...

Download this file (thelandingconceptplan.pdf)The Landing Concept Plan - Unitary Plan[Plans for the development of the Landing]885 kB

Motuora- MotuRekareka paddle


I saw Gerard's kind invitation and organising of a paddle in an area I dearly love so even though  coming off a busy set of night shifts , thought make an effort man ,get the second wind and get on out there.

Brilliant day for it and after a Foodbar and quick crossing from Sullivans Bay straight out to Motuora I spotted the others off the Southern end of Motuora and tagged along.

Decision was made oh so much easier by the great Weather report and promise of a nice tail wind home leg , so the usual clamour for paddling equipment and a quick double /triple check to see all the gear chucked in the ute ,then ETA one hour or so at Sullivans Beach.

Late call to Gerard that morning was taken and though I would be late , a plan to rendevous out at Motuora was hatched and accomplished.

 Caught up to the group on southern end of Motuora where a Seal colony looks quite established, with young pups and some good pinniped rock scaling abilities for best perch!



Lucky Eskimo or Inuit Soapstone type totems- original hunting fishing vessels these kayaks , you can sure see why they were so efficient!

The one at back with Igloos pretty cool with them cleaning their catch.


eskimosa  fisherman 004

Gerard leading on out of Still Bay-

It was just after the rendevous with the paddling party that I thought, "Hmmm- I wonder if the Snapper hang around Seal colonies?"

So had deployed a Softbait and started to paddle off to set up my other casting rod when -Whammo it buckled in half .

Initially thought a Seal had latched on , such was the insistent strong pressure ,but no it was a boomer of a Snapper and it had too much oompffh and managed to spit the small jig after a fun few minutes battling it amongst the seaweed and rocks of the shallow inshore reef area .

Solid paddle across to Motu Reka reka island then a short cut through Islands reef gap where the Gannets working had attracted Gerard and my attention as the Kahawai that a couple of the boys were towing lures for had been obvious by there absense and they wanted some action.

Wasn't to be though , so we cut through to the other side by the wreck of the Rewa and went ashore for a well earned Lunch and cuppa with discussions about the efficacy of Deer Stalkers culling fat ground dwelling  Pukeko's on Motutapu , next to the sign warning of Broadifacoum use on our lunch island!

Agree to disagree on 1080 and such was also raised so a bit like Politics and religion best not mentioned on a Cruisy Sunday.

 Soaking up the Ambiance around the Rewa


After a nice rest we headed back towards the entrance to Mahurangi heads with a steady tail wind but on approaching the mainland I peeled off and went fishing as it was just so darn great out there and I had'nt had much chance to dilly dally around dong the slow casual driftalong Softbaiting I enjoy, plus no fish yet !


Raring to go -

Soon hooked into a good 60cm or so Snapper that put up a Sterling effort but fresh Kai Moana required so catch consigned to the Catch bag on the rear deck .

Choice-I havn't been fishing much of late with weather being uncooperative, so kept drifting and soon had a smaller one for a nice bonus feed.

About then along towards Big Bay drifting along in my reverie, I was startled by an almighty roar!


In the still conditions , realised the sound echoing and magnified somewhat off the cliffs was in fact about an acre of the cliff face landsliding down .

Not a crashing jet or maniac Boatie roaring down on me-Whew!  

No resulting tidal wave as it glanced off the foot of the cliff so all good.


I appreciated Gerards flexibility in allowing me to tag along with the group and it's always great to get out in a group like this and much safer and more enjoyable, so the texting and co ordinating was great .

The group was always in contact in same area and looking out for each other and the cruising speed factor was excellent as similar style Sea kayaks and paddler abilities, soon evident.


The Cliff thing was a reminder to me that even close in to launch area things can crop up so I admit my hastily loaded (say gear chucked in and hasty launch) had my Handheld Vhf buried somewhere in my day hatch eluding my groping fingers .

This would have been sorted if I had landed and had a sort out but the fishing had priority so as per Bugger file on KASK I will fess up and have it in a better more accessible spot in future.

I am in two minds about the wearing of handhelds and a plethora of bits and pieces as they all add up ,and a school of thought has all the extra bits like hydration bags and such negating half the positive floatation of the PFD .

The secondary means of Communication (waterproof cellphone in a wet bag) was however working fine so plan B wasn't required.

Even more reassuring was as I headed in I saw Gerard and a couple of others had hung back to check on me , so thanks once again Gerard and guys-

Great day on the water .

Crossing to Ponui


Heading across to usual paddling fishing haunts around Kawakawa Bay /Ponui Island area trying out the Panasonic DMC-FT1 I carry for photos and short video clips.

Just put in in Gorilla tripod and twisted to decklines , it gives full HD video of great quality , plus the digital shots are of great quality for limited input on photographers part.

I've found this another great adjunct to going for a paddle and have a good file of photos and video clips .

The wind was fresh on this day but not whitecapping but the surfing gains on the side chop can be seen giving assistance to speed made good. 


Access this URL (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjEa0Is23-cw4gAb9WBg0Rw)UCjEa0Is23-cw4gAb9WBg0Rw[ ]0 kB

Mid Winter paddling -4 seasons in one day gamut!


Post Dude it's tough out there- Tuesday foray
Slept in and expecting weather or house fixing chores to stymie any adventurous notions but on seeing a glimmer of sun out the window and the missus says " Might be the only chance to get out Kayaking for a while with the weather like they're picking" :inlove: 
Sooo not much convincing needed to hustle on out with a nice cut lunch and get some fresh salt air :y: 
Had'n't been out long and bites were a little tentative when I realize those real ominous black nasty looking clouds are bearing down real fast and I was just whipping the Spray jacket on as it actually whomped on in.
Before I could even pull the PFD back on it struck :sweat: and man was it fierce , the Hail stones were lashing the sea to froth and stung like all get out , cowered me down real smart and made like the stock in the paddocks, turned my back on it , hunkered down and ran off downwind.
1-7-2014 018.jpg
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It blew through pretty quick, so as it eased I found the trailing rod had a snapper on so all good :y:
1-7-2014 021.jpg
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Decided to carry on as Blue sky in distance so on around island prospecting and a few 40ish Snaps secured along with a KY -nice.
Good to be out after enforced servitude and then it got even better as I was Tiki Touring along the Dolphins turned up and a couple of the enthusiastic younger ones did a great choreographed double leap off the bows belly to belly , body slammed together then arced back in backwards :clap: :clap: Brilliant- but buggar not ready to film, need a head mount cam and trigger.
Got some vid but can't paddle and film as I'd left the cam gorilla mount in the ute :( 
Great to paddle along with them for a spell and they went off on patrol and soon heard them sorting out a shoal of fish further up the Firth.
While I was cruising with them I noticed one with a red nasty looking wound healing up on it's back and it was cautious and staying away while the others shepherded around me.
Real intelligent and you could hear their squeaks and such as they came in some swimming belly to kayak hull (to friendly :tmi: )and sussed the trailing line and kept wary while it was out but got closer and more playful when retrieved.
1-7-2014 024.jpg
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Caught a feed , had a great interaction with the dolphins and sea had settled nicely - amazing how quick it changes out there , the sun even came out as I had my nice packed lunch the Mrs had made :y: 
1-7-2014 031.jpg
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1-7-2014 032.jpg
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Nice catch to boot -
1-7-2014 029.jpg
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Couple of quick camera video grabs of the Dolphins-





Access this URL (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3uN5rLKM3M)watch[ ]0 kB
Access this URL (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4KAYzNguIM)watch[ ]0 kB
Access this URL (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4KAYzNguIM)watch[ ]0 kB
Access this URL (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4KAYzNguIM)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4KAYzNguIM[ ]0 kB